Long story short, we’ve got you covered...

Meet Our Founder & CEO ~ Sara Ponce:

“I’m 4’10, so growing up shopping wasn’t fun for me.  Instead it made me feel worse about myself. I was bound by clothes that fit, not clothes that I actually loved. I couldn’t express myself through fashion because up until my early 20s I was still shopping in the kids section & petite brands were full of styles that were frumpy looking. My style was limited and an inaccurate representation of the powerful woman that I am. So, I decided to turn my biggest insecurity into my best feature. 3 years ago I started Pretty & Petite, a trendy petite brand. The fashion industry has long ignored petite women, so we’re paving our own path. No more hemming, tailoring, or drowning our petite frames in fabric. Not only are sizes tailored for short women, they are also designed to empower petite women because being short is totally normal, beautiful, and sexy!”

Con amor, 


Sara Ponce

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